The Prairie of Many Faces (5E) (PDF)

The Prairie of Many Faces (5E) (PDF)

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The Prairie of Many Faces was once just a quiet veldt, casually crossed by traders and

herdsman to reach the Great Alesso Sea to the south.  Coin flowed freely and the

Great Senodine Empire profited from the province's fluid trade network.  But as is

inevitable, times changed for this sleepy prairie a century ago.  As the prairie opens to

resume caravan operations, new adventures await those brave enough to face the

unknown dangers brought by the encroaching Wildlands.


Hexagon Adventures are localized adventuring maps, themed from a featured prologue

and designed for exploration.  Each adventure has an overall tone, allowing for a

story-driven setting to be discovered through character and plot arcs, or through

whimsical discovery.