About Us

Tacitus Publishing

Welcome to Tacitus Publishing’s Tradehouse.  We are creating material for the Chronicles of Ballidrous Campaign Setting, a traditional fantasy setting.  Our job is to provide you with new supplements, working to create depth in your adventures with limited effort on your part.  And in doing this, your prep time diminishes.  You will have these products and supplemental websites to pull core information as you need.  Our current line of products includes maps (battle maps, town maps, town locations), monsters, people, and adventures to build out your campaign.  These can also be used to raise the bar when you run your personalized homebrew setting.  This material incorporates the world’s most popular RPG game system’s 5th edition, but you are welcome to pillage what you need for any fantasy setting.

About me.

Greetings.  I'm James S. Austin, owner and editor of Tacitus Publishing.  I am an artist and writer who grew up daydreaming of adventure.  Starting out during the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) days, my life has progressed with the notion that worldbuilding is a part of my core being.  I spent five years in the US Army in the intelligence field and completed bachelor’s degrees in both Anthropology and History.  All these experiences ‘bleed’ over into this project, trying to use some sound reasoning and plenty of research to create a setting rich in material and depth.

With pen (or mouse) in hand, I started Tacitus Publishing in 2009.  I have worked on various art projects, ranging from acrylic and watercolor to digital landscapes and creature creation.  I have also written a number of short stories, favoring fantasy and horror.  This includes ‘The Tales of Devryn’ serial blog and compiling three horror anthologies, supported by talented writers – It’s a Grimm Life, Haunted by the Past, and Shattered Space.