The Prairie of Many Faces (5E) (PDF)
The Prairie of Many Faces (5E) (PDF)

The Prairie of Many Faces (5E) (PDF)

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Welcome to Hexagon Adventures - “The Prairie of Many Faces”.  

Hexagon Adventures are localized adventuring maps, themed from a featured prologue and designed for exploration.  Each adventure has an overall tone, allowing for a story-driven setting to be discovered through character and plot arcs, or through whimsical discovery.  For the Dungeon Master, this adventuring supplement focuses on creating a thrilling experience through staged events with optional side quests, offered in easy-to-use cheatsheets and reference material.  Additionally, the presentation of the adventure allows for modifications to either trim parts or incorporating other options as the game progresses.  As an enhanced element, if desired, the use of the random charts introduces a level of uncertainty on how the story unfolds, even when watching from behind the screen.

The Prairie of Many Faces offers one of the traditional adventuring narratives to grace the game, signing on as caravan guards, and having a ‘sword & sorcery’ theme.  There are three main paths with supporting story arcs, each built to consider a difficulty level.  The following pages include the adventure set-up, each path’s material covering descriptions and encounter details, reference sheets, and maps to assist in a smooth and exhilarating experience.

What's inside:

  • The full experience of a hexagon crawl, supported by maps and random encounters
  • Three paths of travel, offering 4 Tier options of play - Levels 1 through 20!
  • Enough material for multiple play-throughs
  • Story-driven arcs
  • 99 new creatures
  • 63 new magical items
  • 7 new spells
  • 77 battle maps - to include Roll20 and FG sizes

There is enough detail and supporting material to play the adventure as is or to shake things up with bringing in outside encounters, adventures, and 'wild' ideas!