Tak's Rest (5E) (PDF)

Tak's Rest (5E) (PDF)

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Tak’s Rest stands among the few settlements in the surrounding valleys nearest the city of Castiel to blossom into a flourishing town after the Empire’s annexation of the kingdom.  Sitting on the Rebrett River, offering a barge service to cross, Tak’s Rest is a central waypoint for passing traders and traveling adventurers.

Tak’s Rest is a Location and Map Supplement for use with The Chronicles of Ballidrous Campaign Setting or a setting of your choosing.  This product offers a functional town with supporting maps and details about the town and surrounding community: including 39 maps, 30 quick-reference NPCs, and material to shorten prep time.

Map and Location supplements aid the Dungeon Master in worldbuilding and having material at their fingertips.  TAk's Rest includes these locations:

  • Tak's Rest Inn
  • Common Hall
  • Fat Kat Brewery
  • Town Market
  • Townhall
  • Temple of the Old Gods
  • Wheat Farm
  • Memorial
  • Shrine of the Howling Larks
  • Ember's Lodge - Currier Station
  • Blade's Outpost
  • Fort Mazek

Plenty of material to pillage!

*** The is in PDF format, downloads upon purchase.