Beneath the Reeds (PF1) (PDF)

Beneath the Reeds (PF1) (PDF)

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Beneath the Reeds is an encounter stemming from a necromantic circle’s energies being renewed as a result of a fae ‘burial harmony’ taking place in the surrounding waters.  Death may be inevitable, but undeath is only an unfortunate step away for the unprepared.

Magic offers the chance to do amazing things. But one who practices the arts should be mindful of the proper methods to manipulate the Weave. One such soul paid the price for his attempts to reach beyond the mortal veil, experimenting with necromancy. His untimely death has left behind an active circle, continuing to pull upon the corruptive energies. The lingering effects now bring great harm to those who draw too near.

Beneath the Reeds is a Q-Encounter, or Quick-Encounter, that can be run for a group of four to six players with 7th-level characters, ranging from medium to hard in difficulty. 

Q-Encounters are designed to drop into your game where needed.  They are meant to add flavor to a campaign, giving a little depth to a combat encounter.

Included is a VTT map for use.

*** The is in PDF format, downloads upon purchase.