The Twilight Star (5E) (PDF)

The Twilight Star (5E) (PDF)

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Kingdoms rise and fall, leaving behind their stone skeletons as remnants of their passing.  One such discarded vestige is the Castle of the Twilight Star.  Once a beacon to the land with its bronze-peaked central tower, war tore the region apart and left the castle in ruins.  A month ago, denizens of the Wraith Marsh crept out of the muck, making it their new home, using its strategic location to wreak havoc on the nearby farms and villages.

The Twilight Star is a Q-Encounter, or Quick-Encounter, that can be run for a group of four to six players with 7th-level characters.  This encounter would be considered a ‘medium’ to ‘hard’ encounter.

Q-Encounters are designed to drop into your game where needed.  They are meant to add flavor to a campaign, giving a little depth to a combat encounter.

Included is a VTT map for use.

With guest author James M. Ward, a prolific old-schooler, and the talented artist John Tedrick.